When Rob Godbold decided it was time to launch his own company in 2014, he opted for the name ‘Bold’. As the alternative was clearly ‘God’, we should probably be grateful to him for his modesty.

Working with agencies, record companies and direct to client, Bold offer experienced and creative-led options on productions regardless of medium from commercials to music videos to fashion films – for TV, cinema and online.

Since 2014 Bold has worked with Expedia, Experian, Goldsmiths’ Fair, Google, Levi’s, Longchamp, McDonald’s, M&S, Royal London, Sainsbury’s, Smirnoff, Strongbow, Tesco, TK Maxx, Walkers and Wrigley’s to name but a few. Picking up numerous awards at APA, BTA and Cannes along the way.


Camila Zapiola

Born in Buenos Aires, Camila studied acting, screenwriting and directing at the prestigious Film Research Center before moving to New York to attend the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute. While in New York she directed several short films, as well as treading the boards as an actress in various Broadway shows. 

She was published in 2008 in the anthology of ‘New Literature of the Hispanic Language’, having won several creative writing competitions. Her theatre directing debut came in 2009 in Buenos Aires, with the musical ‘Teenage Metamorphosis’ which she also wrote. 

Her commercial work has garnered South American and international awards, including a Clio and a Cannes Lion.


Laura Borgio

Laura is a Director and Creative Director. A dreamer and a doer. She’s happiest when innovating and is fanatically dedicated about her craft. Her work incorporates anything from live action and animation to augmented reality and interactive technology. At the core of her work is a passion for storytelling, craft and technology.

Commercially she has directed work for M&S, Estee Lauder, House of Fraser, Debenhams, British Airways,, Carphone Warehouse, JD Williams, Hackett, Liz Earle, San Pellegrino, Swisse, Veet, Babybel, Talk Talk and HSBC.

When she’s not creating, directing, writing, texting, meditating, experimenting with her tech partner Beardy, or taking pictures with her fake band M/C/L, she can often be found walking along the beach whilst avoiding a tail wind.


Lena Beug

Lena was born and raised in the west of Ireland. After briefly studying both fine art at the National College of Art and Design, and Law at Trinity College Dublin, she moved to New York City in the mid nineties. She worked as a photographer’s assistant, a babysitter and at the prepared foods counter at Dean & Deluca before landing an internship at MTV.

The internship in the graphics department turned into a full time job and Lena moved up the ranks becoming the art director of the department. She oversaw multiple channel redesigns and also began directing. Her MTV promo campaigns won multiple awards including gold silver and bronze at the One show. Lena began directing through Canadian production company Reginald Pike while still creating some memorable campaigns for MTV including Chunky Pam and the music video, ‘Merry XXXLMAS’ created for the fictional rapper which was voted funniest video of the year by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Lena has been directing now for over ten years. She has worked extensively in the US as well as in Canada and Ireland. Her work is recognizable for its quirky yet understated art direction and subtle nuanced performance. She has also directed multiple award winning short films. Lena lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn with her husband and two children. When not directing she makes pots and tries to keep her plants alive.

Commercial clients include Ebay, Honda, GMC CPO, Pillsbury, Ikea, Trip Advisor, US Cellular, McDonalds, Walgreens, GLAD, Capital One, Skittles, Clorox, AT&T, Chef Boyardee, Eggo, Manwich, Walmart, News of the World, Vodafone, MOMA, Just for Men, Vlasic Pickles, X Box, Vonage, Stouffers, Irish Life, Deep River Rock, BBC, National Lottery, Pine Sol and Colorado Lottery.



Morrison & Ventura

They are Phil Morrison & Joe Ventura.  Joe’s background is in writing. Working for some of the biggest agencies in New York, he also has TV and feature credits to his name. Alongside his writing, his solo directing work includes spots for Nike, ESPN, Target and Budweiser. Recent standouts such as ‘Facts of Life’ for Royal London through VCCP and ‘Bedtime Story’ for Exxon Italy through Adam&EveDDB show off his knack for comic timing and deft changes in genre.

Phil’s vast experience, command of performance and subtle comedy make him one the most in-demand directors. His archive of work is endless, collaborating with every top agency in the US and a list of clients that ranges from Allstate and Apple to T-Mobile and VW. He has collected AICP awards, Cannes Lions, Clios, BTAA arrows, One show…His feature ‘Junebug’ was released in 2005, with Amy Adams receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance. Morrison Ventura came together during the award winning Mac vs PC campaign and have directed both joint and solo projects from then on.


Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent is a French photographer and director currently based in Los Angeles. He studied product design at the Ensaama National School of Applied Arts and Photography at Gobelins. He has worked globally with top brands, agencies and magazines including Hermès, Reebok, Citroën, Xbox, Hilton, Axe, Coca-Cola, Google and Nissan.

Romain received the Young Gun X award from the Art Directors’ club of New York. His “Loops” weekly project has delighted fans on Tumblr with its editorial precision and irreverent humour.


Thomas Bryant

Thomas is a director based in London. His work is characterised by immersive imagery that presents moments on the boundary between reality and fantasy, fiction and non-fiction. His films are recognised at ASFF, Kinsale Sharks, Creative Circle, Rushes and screened on Nowness, Dazed and at festivals worldwide including London Collections Mens, MAPS Los Angeles and Prague Dance Film Festival.


Zach Math

Puréed fruit was the “paint” used in his early, gestural artwork as a one-year old. By kindergarten he’d moved on to more conventional artistic tools but abandoned traditional techniques, creating work using only his feet. By the first grade he introduced scribble text to pre-existing walls, often doing so to create riddles that highlighted some of the unspoken assumptions of his earlier contemporary foot paintings. In grade four he abandoned painting altogether and made work in a diverse range of mediums, though he ultimately gravitated to lego sculptures. This lego conceptual art has often been misinterpreted as being about the complex relationships between shape and color. In actuality the artist claims they were a reflection of his newfound skills of shoe-lace tying and bicycle riding (sans training wheels). After walking away from sculpture and painting at the age of 6 he returned to the visual arts in his early 20’s attending film school. He is still filming works today.


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