When Rob Godbold decided it was time to launch his own company in 2014. Opting for the name ‘Bold’ as the alternative was clearly ‘God’. We should probably be grateful to him for his modesty.

Working with agencies, record companies and direct to client, Bold offer experienced and creative-led options on productions regardless of medium. Producing commercials, music videos and fashion films for TV, cinema and online.

Since 2014 Bold has worked with Expedia, Experian, Goldsmiths’ Fair, Google, Levi’s, Longchamp, McDonald’s, M&S, Royal London, Sainsbury’s, Smirnoff, Strongbow, Tesco, TK Maxx, Walkers and Wrigley’s to name but a few. Picking up numerous awards at APA, BTA and Cannes along the way.

Camila Zapiola

Bold Director Camila Zapiola is one of the top comedy directors working today. Her work is cinematic, funny, subversive, and surprising. Moving easily between dialogue-driven and visual comedy she creates work that is engaging and visually captivating. Camila pulls nuance from each performance and upending expectations at every turn.  After gaining a degree in  Film Direction from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Camila then studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. This experience informs her unique perspective in casting and directing talent.
 Her work has been recognised at award ceremonies internationally, such as the Clio Awards, The One Show, Cannes Lions, and the British Arrows.

Conor Byrne

Bold Director Conor Byrne specialises in cinematic comedy with equal parts wit, heart, and meticulous visual style. As a result his work has been awarded at Cannes Lions, Effie Awards, Shorty Awards and he is a National Board of Review grant awardee.  Being selected for the SHOOT New Directors Showcase, the ADC Young Guns Showcase and Winning a Cannes Young Director Award are personal highlights. 

Conor’s short films have played at the Tribeca Film Festival, been honoured by Vimeo Staff Picks, and featured on Short of the Week. Making films with his brother/producer Tyler Byrne under the moniker Brudder Films. They are currently developing their first feature.

Adweek, Creativity, Shots and Campaign have covered Conor’s work extensively. 

Ezra Hurwitz

Bold Director Ezra Hurwitz trained as a dancer with the New York City Ballet, but a serious back injury side-lined him from performing and Ezra decided to explore filmmaking. By the time he had recovered, he was already directing for major cultural institutions like the Guggenheim Museum, New York Times, American Ballet Theatre and Lincoln Centre. In a short number of years, Ezra has built a prolific body of work – including short films, music videos and commercials. 
In 2020 he made the film ‘Inside & Outwards’, narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, with music by Sufjan Stevens which went on to win an Emmy.  His video for Sufjan Stevens’ “Sugar” also received a Webby Award nomination, a Ciclope Award, AICP Award, and was featured in Indie Wire as among “The Best Music Videos of 2020”. Ezra is currently developing his debut feature about non-binary ballet dancer Ashton Edwards.

JJ Augustavo

Bold Director Jon Jon “JJ” Augustavo is an award winning Filipino American filmmaker from Seattle living in Los Angeles. As he puts it, I “started making rap videos in Seattle by myself for money in a paper bag.” Ultimately this led onto directing Award-winning Macklemore videos (“Thrift Shop”, “Same Love” and “Can’t Hold Us”) with billions of views. JJ’s music video works also include collaborations with artists such as Shawn Mendes, Nipsey Hu$$le, Kygo, Afrojack and many more.
 His video work has won and been nominated for MTV Video Awards, Grammy’s, BET Awards, UK MusicVideo Awards and Much Music Awards. JJ has also Directed commercial projects for Adidas, Jordan, Jeep, Sundance TV, Playstation, Puma, Verizon and Samsung. His youthful spirit, cultural relevance and contemporary style bring out the best in each story and project.

Kate McMullen

Bold Director Kate McMullen grew up on Pink Floyd’s Grantchester Meadows, near Cambridge. Working as Creative Director in Paris and Shanghai on campaigns for Adidas and Absolut, before making her debut docu-fiction ‘Nail House’. A story abut the merciless modernisation of old Shanghai. Shot on a lunch-money budget,  it won Kate her first awards and was an indication of what defines her as a filmmaker.

Kate’s background is in history and she finds subject matter where no-one else looks, weaving wit and colour into her work. Comme les Roses tackles Maoist mania in sixties’ Paris; Welcome to Malta is a gripping critique of abortion rights, disguised as a tourism advert; The Real Saint George fact-checks the white knight; and multi-awarded Little Berlin, narrated by Christoph Waltz, illustrates Cold War tensions with a bull separated from his cows.  

Kate’s commercial work includes campaigns for Tesco, Bupa and Zurich Insurance. 

Laura Borgio

A dreamer and a doer, happiest when innovating and is fanatically dedicated to her craft. Laura’s work incorporates live action, animation, augmented reality and interactive technology but at the core of the work is a passion for storytelling.

Laura has directed commercial work for M&S, Estee Lauder, BA, Last-minute, Carphone Warehouse, Liz Earle, Talk Talk and HSBC.

She can often be found walking along the beach when not Directing, writing or taking pictures.

Leigh Marling

Bold Director Leigh Marling began his career working as a graphic designer and creative director before transitioning to photography and Directing. After meeting Rob Leggatt on the dance floor in 1988, the pair formed the London design agency Blue Source.

Initially specialised in Record & CD sleeves they created award- winning artwork for bands and brands, before venturing into moving image.  For example they worked with artists such as Fat Boy Slim, New Order, The Avalanches as well as shooting commercials. Trident ‘Soft’ and Lynx ‘Pulse’ being two example from many. Quickly building a reputation for inventive storytelling, smart humour, and carefully designed visuals. Leigh ultimately went solo, going on to forge an award winning career in the US.

He has recently relocated to Europe and his short film ‘Ana Paula’ is currently in post-production.

Lena Beug

Bold Director Lena Beug was born and raised in the West of Ireland. After studying fine art and law she moved to New York City in the mid-nineties landing an internship at MTV. The internship turned into a full-time job, and she moved up the ranks becoming an art director. Her MTV promo campaigns won multiple awards including gold silver and bronze at the One show. Lena began directing commercials while still creating some memorable campaigns for MTV. For example the music video, ‘Merry XXXLMAS’ which was voted funniest video of the year by Rolling Stone. Lena has worked extensively in the US as well as in Canada and Ireland. Her work is recognizable for its quirky yet understated art direction and subtle nuanced performance.  

Commercial clients include Ebay, Honda, GMC, Ikea, McDonald’s, Capital One, Skittles, Walmart, Vodafone, MOMA, X Box, BBC and National Lottery.

Luisa Kracht

Bold Director Luisa Kracht is fuelled by the conviction that her work should always spark emotion, catch the audience’s eyes and linger in your retina long after you’ve seen it. Born in Buenos Aires, Luisa is now based between Spain and Argentina. She has worked with clients such as Facebook, Orange, Netflix, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. As a result her work has been recognised at international awards ceremonies, for example Cannes, Sol, El Ojo and Wave.

Romain Laurent

Bold Director Romain Laurent is a French photographer and Director currently based in Los Angeles. He studied product design at the Ensaama National School of Applied Arts and Photography at Gobelins. Working globally with top brands and agencies. His clients include Heineken, Hermès, Reebok, Citroën, Xbox, Hilton, Axe, Coca-Cola, Google and Nissan. Romain received the Young Gun X award from the Art Directors’ club of New York and His brilliantly funny and surreal postings on instagram are eagerly awaited by his 100k followers.  

Zach Math

Bold Director Zach Math used Puréed fruit as the “paint” in his early, gestural artwork as a one-year-old. By kindergarten he’d moved on to more conventional artistic tools but abandoned traditional techniques, creating work using only his feet. By the first grade he introduced scribble text to pre-existing walls. Often doing so to create riddles that highlighted some of the unspoken assumptions of his earlier contemporary foot paintings. In grade four he abandoned painting and made work in a diverse range of mediums, ultimately gravitating to Lego sculptures. This Lego conceptual art has often been misinterpreted as being about the complex relationships between shape and colour. The artist claims they reflected his newfound skills of shoelace tying and bicycle riding. Ultimately walking away from sculpture and painting at the age of 6 before returning to the visual arts in his early 20’s attending film school.


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